Progress Reports

All updates for the BiosHub project will be posted here.

Rework Number 517 of the UI Interface! It’s frustrating trying to decide on something, but this feels like the right path. It’s flexible, auto-scales and should work well. Just need to test it on an actual build! :slight_smile:


I’m pleased to say the new UI has been rolled out. At this stage, the list of show-stoppers for an alpha release is shrinking rapidly!

Features needed before release

  • Token or Editing
  • Token Health/Status Effects
  • Chat for messages + Join/Part Messages
  • Multiple Room and Username support
  • Load/Save needs repaired to function again
  • Map scaling needs connected to UI again
  • An exit button would be nice…

Once these fairly small features are added, the only other major-ish feature would be dice rolling and it’d be a fully ‘functional’ application! Hope to have it finished within a couple weeks but I do have an exam to study for so there may be delays there.

Working on cleaning up the user experience as I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Here’s an idea of how the table background could look. I’m actually beginning to be a fan of it, maybe allowing it to be edited for streaming purposes!

Various fixes for map scaling and a temporary token deletion system was added. (Delete key when hovering over token.) Additionally, removed some legacy code and improved the map window UX.

Added a basic chat system in preparation for dice rolling. Player join/leave messages, custom usernames and dice rolling are upcoming features.


Despite yet another awfully dramatic week, I’ve made a lot of progress! In summary, chat support with dice rolling and token health tracking has been added. Doesn’t sound like much, but this took a partial rewrite of the UI Manager and plenty of UX improvements. It’s still not as fluid as I’d prefer, but we’re getting there!



There currently isn’t an easy way to post changelogs here, but please see the Otaku View Discord #BiosHub channel for a complete log! Also, I’m nearing the point where alpha testers will be needed so if you’re interested, leave a post or ping me on Discord! This will probably be at least another couple weeks as I want to do some internal testing first, but it shouldn’t be much longer before it’s available to the public. :slight_smile:

Nope, I’m not dead! Finals have been kicking my ass but We’re getting close! I’ve decided to hold off until a revamp to the UI is complete and I’m currently investigating a change of networking systems, but it shouldn’t be much longer! :smiley: