Progress Report: 2019, Week 5


As the world ‘outside’ finally thaws, the time has come for a pre-preview release! Ok well maybe release is a strong word, but you can access a prototype of BiosHub at right now! Now to be clear, this is super not polished, but it ‘is’ functional. As we move from a preview into an alpha release I’ll begin packaging downloadable releases but for now iteration is occurring so fast that it isn’t worth it.

Current features include Tokens, Map background and a d20 roller for testing purposes. My gaming group is planning to begin testing it during live games and see what further features it needs. Nothing here is close to our long-term goal, but function comes first.


This is a super late post, but don’t take this to thinking there hasn’t been work occurring in the background. I’ve been having tons of discussions on how to monetize the project ensuring it isn’t exploitative but also ensures a steady income for development. BiosHub is a long-term project and I want to ensure it lasts longer than just a year or two.

I’d love to hear what others think about both the prototype and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!

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