Progress Report: 2019, Week 4


After a very long week of decision making, I’ve settled again on PUN 2 for our networking solution. While I was thrilled to find Mirror, a Unet replacement which would have meant nearly free server costs for our early releases, it is simply not ready for production use. While the code itself is functional, it results in compile collisions which prevent the debug information being generated for use by the editor. This makes debugging more difficult without constant restarts and this is, naturally, a huge drag on attention and is simply not worth the benefit.

At the same time, a complete revamp and restructure is in progress since if I’m reworking the networking, I may as well take the time to clean up the code that goes with it as well! This process is actually going far faster than I expected and while the end result will be a graphical downgrade, the goal is to permit the same build to also work on Android and WebGL. Once this is complete I believe we will be ready to begin private alpha testing with select groups. This is less for exclusivity and more because of limited network resources currently and I hope to get us into public alpha as soon as possible.

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