Progress Report: 2019, Week 3


Unity has backed down from their challenge of Improbable, fixed their EULA to clarify third-party developers are acceptable and no longer apply it retroactively. The original situation will probably never be fully explained, but with the technical information provided from Improbable, it appears Unity was entirely wrong in their claims. While they may not appreciate how Improbable competes with their new hosting service, I’ve yet to see a shred of compelling evidence that SpatialOS was ever in violation of any Terms of Service before Unity changed them December 5th and put basically everyone in violation.

Thankfully, it seems rational minds still hold the helm over at Unity and these changes should serve to prevent future overreach from Unity. Hopefully they use this extra time to improve their core products and help their customers rather than worry about their competition.

Additionally, in light of these updates and the EULA updates, BiosHub will continue to use Unity and updates will resume. I’m still of the opinion Unity acted in bad faith with this entire mess, but it shouldn’t occur again and despite any flaws, Unity is still an excellent platform to use.

I look forward to my next post returning to actual technical updates on BiosHub. :slight_smile:

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