BiosHub FAQ


Is BiosHub going to be free?

No. While early releases may be free, the final product will be monetized in some fashion as I need to make a living somehow. That being said, I’m uncomfortable charging anything more than a fair price for a quality product and am open to suggestions.

Why not just use (Roll20 / Fantasy Grounds / D20Pro)?

BiosHub was grown from our frustrations with these tools not working the way we wanted them too and our frustration at having no ability to fix them ourselves. These are all great tools, but for one reason or another my group needed something different.

Is BiosHub Open-Source?

No. While I believe strongly in the open-source model, I don’t think it would work well for this project. That being said, I’m not opposed to sharing snippets of code and, should development cease, I will release as much of the code as I can to ensure continued support.

Does BiosHub require an internet connection?

Yes, if only for authentication. This isn’t intended as DRM, but is a limitation of the networking solution I’ve chosen. In the future I do intend to return to this issue.

Can you add Dungeons and Dragons content?

Only the OGL content can be legally added by Otaku View, however my goal is to make adding it yourself as simple as possible.

Can I create and release content for BiosHub?

Sure thing! Just please ensure you’re not portraying it as official Otaku View content. We’ll nail down the specifics in the future for ‘Official’ third-party content agreements, but you’re welcome to contact us if you want to work on official content as well.