Rainbow Six Siege 2021 Cinematics are Phenomenal

Rainbow Six Siege 2021 Cinematic Arena

While I've been away Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for over two years due to a combination of low interest and the growingly toxic community, the 2021 cinematics are legitimately amazing.

Why on earth have these cinematics been so poorly advertised? Ubisoft has clearly spent extensive effort on these, but their marketing and advertising team has dropped the ball on sharing them, which is honestly a shame.

While Rainbow Six Extraction has been delayed until January 2022, honestly the gameplay footage released hasn't really impressed. Hopefully these cinematics are their overall goal and if that were to occur, maybe Extraction will be better than it sounds.

Additionally, I'd love to see a e-sports setting for Siege which, while a tad ridiculous, could be great for a more casual 'arcade' match format.