Impressions on Crea

Crea is a game in the same 'open sandbox' genre as Terraria, Edge of Space and Starbound. It takes the basic formula and adds mod support, RPG-style progression and a »

First Impressions of Numenera

Numenera is one of those settings that looks horrible at first glance. 'Fantasy' combined with Sci-Fi is something that always puts me off. It's not that mixing the genre's is »

Bundle of Holding: Trial of Cthulhu

Another day, Another Bundle. This time It's the Trial of Cthulhu Bundle containing a bunch of RPG Books considered the top of their genre. Included for the base price of »

Otaku View Community

I'm pleased to announce that Otaku View is no longer simply a blog, but the foundation for a community. I'll be updating the site shortly, however until then here's a »

PSA: X Rebirth Needs Retrofitted

While X Rebirth may have you salvaging The Pride of Albion, the game itself needs repairs first. Issues reported include Bugged animations, Poor performance & Game save crashes. A list »

Humble Store Debut Sale Day 2

Second day of the Humble Store Debut Sale and it's officially worth writing about. What makes this especially notable is the inclusion of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon ($4.99 »